The senior engineer on my project is working with Kafka. Completely unaware of the possibility of rescheduling failed messages with a fixed delay he was trying to put a Thread.sleep somewhere in the consumer to emulate the feature.

Sometime i would like to burst out crying because I feel like I'm the only one who care about writing good code and using best practices.

The more in the industry the more I realise titles don't matters. Everything is shit, everything...

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    Interesting. Does Kafka nowadays have Transaction Handling?

    Regarding Titles: Yup. With the Thread sleep it's QED, total dumbass.
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    Depends how much experience he has. There are probably seniors who never worked with Kafka. Anyway, a shit senior is who is not willing to take better approaches suggested by other devs.
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    I understand there may be seniors who never used Kafka... But when I don't know shit about the stack I'm working with I usually pick up a fucking manual to not reinvent the wheel.... Fack
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    @RantACar ok let's suppose I'm not going to give a fuck... Some weeks later stuff working really bad enter production, problems happens, I get called by an annoyed/angry customer and quick-to-rush a solution team leader, exactly how I'm gonna deal with this. Isn't better to prevent reaching this point in the first place? I'd like to know your opinion on the matter.
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