Manager: These estimates are wrong
Me: Why?
M: These shouldn't take too long
Me: Well you asked me to make those while I was busy with the mess design did.
Jr frontend: Manager is right. They shouldn't take too long.

*me knowing jr doesn't know the system nor coding standards*

Jr: I'll fix mine to get a more accurate estimation. Do you want me to do yours?

* Me thinking f*ck no*
Me: Just do yours.

M: Ok. Then we are settled.

He just wanted me to fit a 10 week project into 6 weeks while I carry the Jr and was complaining I didnt do it well.


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    Drop the junior and let them sweat it out 😁
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    A hospital manager wouldn't dare tell a surgeon to speed up their operations by 30% yet Devs are expected to do delicate surgery every day on their precious, septic, rotting codebases and still get it done without killing Production.

    "Fuck off, and let me do my job"
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    If a junior dev is siding with the manager this early in their career, they sound like a terrible dev.

    Ah well, they'll have to learn the hard way.
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    @AlmondSauce junior is on track for an unexpected wild ride hehe

    Manager: you told me you would do this in x time and could not, this will be noted in your performance review. Btw, do you mind coming in this weekend for unpaid over time?
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    That's a nice way of looking at it.
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