Do you think a #MITBragDay would go down so well?

Don't get me wrong WIT is amazing and I am all for it. Gender isn't even a factor for me working in dev.

The thing I don't enjoy is being vilified for being a male in tech. I feel like I'm the bad guy.

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    I don't care what the issue is, there is a strong mob culture in almost everything these days that seeks to control what we all say, do and think by characterising *all* people in a certain box/label as certain things. I find it very, very difficult.

    Sorry that's so vague but I really don't want to be accused of anything.

    Sorry for maybe side tracking your thread, but this has been going around my head for these past couple of weeks and this was an opportunity to unload it.
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    @CrankyOldDev no problem. I agree with you. No need to gang up on each other. It's been bugging me for a while too
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    Don't see it as villifying. Do you agree with what the bad ones say? No? Then you're halfway there. Now listen to your fellow colleagues and help fight any stereotypes they might hold. Be an ally, then you aren't a villain.

    Totally agree about the mob culture, but that's how social media effects us and our bubbles
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    The #TolerantLeft is the source of most racism, sexism, ageism, violence, mob-mentality, etc. And if you disagree with them on anything...... shit gets scary.

    It's totally insane.
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    I agree with the frustration about the mob mentality. Everyone is pitted against everyone else. I am very tired of it. Not only are we fighting about differences in people we pick on each other about programming language, skills and technical preferences. We pretend to like languages that suck. The dev world is a mess right now.
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    It wouldn't go down well at all, a FITBRAGDAY would though...

    What an equal world we live in....EQUAL!
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    I've been alienated all my life for being a "geek/freak". I stayed inside (allergies), would rather be gaming and started learning html, meddling in windows system files & modding The Sims at 12.

    So that made me very empathetic foe anyone who's marginalized.

    But since I'm a white hereto man somehow people look at me and tag me "villian".

    Hey, fuck off! I know I've had a lot of opportunities. That's not my fucking fault. I'm in the same barely middle class fucking situation as you with your fucking Prada bag and 700 iphone, so get off your fucking pedastal.

    The #TolerantLeft is the reason we ended up with a fuckstick like trump and I'm getting real tired of the authortarian crusade and the blowback.
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    dude, it's enough to be a *male alive* to be vilified.
    all hail feminism!
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    @Ashkin I don't think that's accurate and your message highlights the problem. But I don't want to make the problem worse here. It's not just politics - it's every subject under the sun. We're being forced to accept one polarised, black-or-white view or the other - in every...single...debate.

    Life is so much more gradient-ed and nuanced, but no room is allowed for this reality in any discussion - particularly on social media (which drives and shapes almost all human interaction these days).
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    @crankyolddev I agree. The infighting is everywhere. It is resulting in a lack of innovation because we must all think alike or be cast out. It is the reason we have little great art and music. To me is is like we are in the dark ages or the Victorian era. It is time for a renaissance. I used to see programming as creative and fun, now it is shallow with everyone trying the latest fad. I think we are creating tech now that is short term crap. How can devs be taken seriously when we tell businesses that the thing we just built is already legacy tech?
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    About white male privilege. Why bash them. I would say I got breaks in my 20s and 30s that I would not get today. We really need to stop dividing ourselves on things not related to programming. I have no problem working with people who are complete opposites of me. I actually think it makes you more creative because you have to look at things from many sides.
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