I mentioned in a previous rant that one of my favorite games of all times (CrossCode) was written in HTML5 and Javascript. I have been playing the game again (this time on the ps5) and continue to be surprised at the monumental force of the game. So, I decided to take a look at the "original" game engine in which the game is built. ImpactJS. So, apparently (and I have not looked at the inner workings of the code) the creator had a module system in which files could be imported before module imports was a thing in Javascript, not only that but it had a class system mimic in place to deal with things, with inheritance and everything in between. Fucking fascinating. Now, one can actually see the dev logs of a new project that Radical Fish is working on, their primary target remains, but now they seem to be using TypeScript with a plethora of other things in order to build the game, they essentially took the game engine and re-modified the fuck out of it to come with something different. And it fucking worked, beautifully.

From my other findings, it seems that they had to jump through some hoops to get the games to run on consoles, specially the Nintendo Switch which we all know it is a bitch to port into, but apparently the underlying tech is built on Haxe using something known as Kha, a portable multimedia lib.

This is interesting to me as someone that always admired game development, and I sometimes wonder if they would just be better served using something like C# as a target platform with something that they could mold up from the ground up like MonoGame.

I am probably not going to work tomorrow in order to stay in playing the game all day lmao.

Game devs are amazing really. And this game is a jewel, try out the demo online if you have not yet and see what you think:

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    hey there, I tried it the next day ( although I didn't reach the end of the demo ), but forgot to give you the feedback ( haven't saved the rant and am too lazy to scroll the history to find it )

    The gameplay is solid for a web game port ( haven't seen the original ), I like it, but I don't play such games anymore... I have FF anthology ( FF IV & FF V with better cutscenes ) but even the rendered animations are too ugly and childish looking, so I never gave them a chance... If someone wants it I can send it via mail ;)
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    I just finished the Demo on html5 and yeah waw! Great game. The art is awesome, the gameplay feels good and snappy and the story looks interesting. Might get it on steam later and play through the full game. I totally see why you like it.

    Engine seems really performant too. Didn't see a single hitch or lag the entire time :)
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