Damn, I hate it if asking a question leads the counterpart to telling long background stories. Please: Just. Answer. The. Question.

I have my own thoughts and reasons why I ask and don't need your interpretation of my question. If I was not specific enough, please ask back.

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    Just interrupt and specify when you think the answer misses the point. Human communication is hard for all of us - not just the humans.
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    I always feel for me that interrupting is impolite. Also that person is quite hard to interrupt since he continues talking even if I try to say something. :D
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    I do that sometimes. Esp when talking to a person who I think may benefit from the context. If I think providing context in advance would help the asker to understand my answer better and prevent him from needing to ask 5+ more followup questions, I spill it out right away.

    I like when others do that too. Otherwise I often end up in a series of 'what's that' questions
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    Gnah, I do that as well, but then I am coming to a point. Or at least I answer with "it depends" and shortly ask back into which direction we tend.

    That one guy talks so much he often misses the actual answer.
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    "Which kind of fuel for a chainsaw is best to cut open a paper envelop?
    Please just answer the question"
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    A: it does not matter.
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    Sometimes it's more impolite to not interrupt.
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    @electrineer agreed.

    I am on the eloquent side of conversations and I learn how to be better at it when people interrupt me in a kind way, and somehow expose this flaw I have.
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    Seems like you just came back from a little trip over to Quora
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