Send over the entire directory for a WordPress site we completely overhauled with new plugins, custom theme, redid content with visual composer, etc. I tell him to backup his site and then put everything I give you as fresh. He tells me he can't just wipe out his entire site that's unacceptable. I ask him what's the problem? he rambles on and says a lot of words that don't really mean anything then says security. so I call him out on it, what security issues do you have? well we have users and permissions setup he says. I explain That I copied his users table over when we did the redesign, so it's the exact same stuff. so I say again, why can't we just replace everything? well that's just not acceptable he says. I ask him again, what EXACTLY is your problem with replacing the site since I already addressed your security concern. he couldn't answer me so now we have another conference call tomorrow morning with more people from their team. I'll let you know how it goes.

tldr; clients are idiots, call them out for the dumb shit they say and have no response.

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    Good luck with that one. #yeahtheyare
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    Staying tuned!
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    they moved the call to 11 now so they can google more buzzwords to pretend they know what they're talking about. in the meantime they asked me to send over instructions on how to move the site live. for the 3rd time I told them there are no instructions, you dump the old site and replace with what I gave you.
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    Setting up a staging server with client access can help with this. Some people are just visual and overly concerned.
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    they're setting up a staging environment to mirror their live, and giving us access to set it up there as a proof of concept. once they QA it and everything there they'll give us access to deploy on their live. we had 2 people from our team, and 5 people on their team for a conference call just to tell us that and took 15 minutes. a 2 sentence email would have sufficed.
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    Oh man. What a time suck, but sounds like you guys are figuring it out. Hopefully their QA won't result in a lot of ridiculous changes. Beware!
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    Only 15 mins? Lucky guy
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