Happened during an exam!
Had a viva session after the exam

Examiner: how much do you know about Linux
Me: (pulls out phone and shows him the kernel I have been working on)
Examiner (to other teacher): give him full marks already

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    Haha. This is definitely badass
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    Since when did allowing cellphones inside an exam Hall become a thing ?
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    @lumosleo whahaha that didn't even come to my mind😂 But you're right though.
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    I remember working on the Linux kernel of my Samsung windows mobile back in the days so that I could install android on it.
    Had to make drivers from scratch like battery driver.

    Nowadays almost every device has android preinstalled and manufacturer has to release the kernel for you.
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    Awesome! Show me the right path to learn that thing too, sir!
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    Man!!thats hwo you win!
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    @lumosleo it's sometimes allowed as long as it's switched off. Plus we have small labs. So it's easy to catch anyone trying to cheat
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    @nikolatesla I just dived into it half a year ago and learnt from stuff made by others.
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    @xsacha those were the days we had few but legit devs working on kernels. Nowadays, every other person can compile one and let's not speak about the quality of such work. (I'm no pro either)
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    Got device tree?
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    @RAZERZ not sure why you want the device tree. But here is the kernel source
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