I am truly baffled. How in the world am I receiving 2-10 spam wordpress account registrations EVERY DAY for a website which I've never let be crawled by search engines yet? These mail.ru accounts keep coming and seemingly for no reason. Who the fuck wants to register so many accounts, and how the fuck did they find my site to begin with? 😲
These registration emails are seriously annoying now and the site now has hundreds of fake accounts on it...

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    They use spam accounts to link to other websites to increase inbound links to help with SEO I think. I had a personal blog and people kept trying to register accounts mainly from India for me but I had a chat with the web site guy at work and he said the above.
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    @philcr interesting. That still doesn't explain how they found my site lol
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    @Koolstr are you sure you haven’t been google indexed, even if they don’t crawl they could well find
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    @philcr I Google my site and there are no results. So I'm pretty certain.
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    By random IP addresses?
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    @arcadesdude clarify what you mean
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    Just like auto phone dialers just start at like 000-000-0000 and just dial and increment the number it may be a spam bot that just uses IP addresses and increment the numbers until something is found.
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    @arcadesdude possible, but how has this spam bot stuck to my domain. It's Neverending 😩
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