I work for a bank and every production release date it's a chaos... Like, for real, devs running to get their stories approved by the testing team and last minute scope changes that, if not made, would make the whole app fail (real shitty management as you can see).

Longstoryshort, a dev didn't finished one of his stories and create 7 major bugs with another... Today that was my breakfast, took me 4 hours and get it all done and approved... We didn't make the release tho, but I scored some major points with this.

Funny thing, tomorrow I'm telling my PM I'll leave the company for a better job, so that will be their breakfast.

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    the perception of dev loyalty is going to hit a new low tomorrow morning.
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    @kunashe we're under no obligation to be loyal. If you can get a better job somewhere else then why the hell not? You think your manager will turn down a job offer with a healthy pay bump due to loyalty for the company? Don't be naive.
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    I'm not leaving for better pay, same pay, but better projects and more modern technology... I don't want more money, I just want to enjoy my work like I used to
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    @kunashe I spent 5 years of being "loyal" working on some bad projects and a few good ones... I already know my next assignment is not challenging or interesting and "there are no other projects to work on"... Come on man, I won't be tied to a company if I don't enjoy working for them... It's not about loyalty it's just about doing what makes you happy
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    I'm sorry dude. I didn't mean to come across as critical of the move.
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    @kunashe there's no problem mate! I really respect and understand your point, I thought I had to explain the situation a little more so you can see I'm not just a mercenary looking for money hahaha
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