Most of us can and have gotten freelance work before, but I've only met a couple of alleged full time freelancers, and the idea has always fascinated me. For those of you who actually are able to pull it off, what's a typical day like, and how do you maintain a steady stream of clients?

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    For me it's just a side gig so far, with a few clients. Currently I wouldn't be able to soly live of the freelancing, on the otherhand I'm still in university, so no time to dfreelance fulltime either.

    When I'd work fulltime as a freelancer, I'd probably try to get at least one client that has a lot of projects and offer them a lower rate, if they can guarantee a certain amount of hours per month/quater-/half-year.

    But I'm also curious, how fulltime freelancer pull that stunt off.
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    It sounds like the dream.

    Work from home
    make your own hours
    choose your work

    except when you get a client:
    * chase down payment
    * pulling teeth figuring out what they want
    * constant nitpicking
    * you spend more time doing business admin

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    @unfuckers-inc Yeah, fair enough. There's no such thing as a perfect job though. I was just wondering how people sustain the cash flow.
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    I quit freelancing due to reasons mentioned here and work full-time job in the office. Now I have flexible work hours, got nice laptop for free, steady payment, vacations, medical expenses covered and there are people smarter than me from who I can learn from. I can work remotely, but I can go to office.
    At the office I have free coffee and pillow if coffee is not enough. For me - dream job. Except dealing with it tech support from India. And tech support morons from US. But on the other hand, my supervisor knows and permits, that I walk-around some policies and use alternate, non corporate network connection from time to time.
    Oh, and company provides me with additional hardware if it's needed and affordable.
    And somehow you freelancing is better? 😆 maybe in paycheck but with higher paycheck you have higher costs and more responsibilities.
    I'd never go back to freelancing and I love company I work for.
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    I just moved to being fully freelance (while studying for Master's) and the only way I've been able to do that is by getting a contract from my last employer to get steady hours every week (as many as I need) - enough to support me while the side gigs add extra income to buy toys and bring in more interesting work.
    It's got its ups and downs - like mentioned above I gave up holidays and insurance for a higher hourly rate. I do love the flexibility though - I can travel anywhere I want for unlimited time - I can work while travelling to still get income if I choose to do so.
    The side clients by now just come via works colleagues, uni alumni network and other clients, find myself spending less and less time finding new clients and trying to sell myself.
    While it is a good experience, it's not something I'd do for living for life. I think work for a company can be better and almost as well paying if you find the right one. Main challenge for me now is finding such flexbile company:)
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