After our Head Of Software has terminated.

I started to take control over our development crew. And in this year I did more then the old head in the last 6 years.
- Swapped from plain old SVN to Gitlab.
- Build a complete autonomous deployment with Gitlab.
- Introduced code reviews.
- Started to refactor the legacy product with 500.000 lines of code...
- learned how to use confluent apache kafka and kubernetes to split the legacy project in many small and maintainable one.(not done yet)
- Last 3 weeks I learned how to use elasticstack with kibana and co. That we aren't blind anymore. Big dashboards are now shown in the middle of the room :) and maybe convinced my coworker that we use unity3d for our business application cause of support for all devices and same design on them. And offline capabilities. (Don't know if this was my best idea)
When I look back, I'm proud to did that much in one year alone. And my coworkers are happy too that they have less work with deployments and everything.
But I can't decide what's the title for this. System or Software Architect cause I litterallity did both :/

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    I'd say that a lot of the tasks you described fall into the DevOps Engineer job description, even though DevOps is more of a methodology than a role.

    Congratulations on your achievements, a modern development environment is sure to gain dev loyalty and keep them happy :)

    Can't really comment on the Unity3D thing without more context though, even though I have plenty of experience in it.
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    I think I'm going to need to do some of this stuff. I'm on a 2 man programmer team and we're it for a business of ~30
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    Cool stuff, keep it up! The unity 3d thing: im not sure with this, it burns alot akku even if you only show gui, and the old mono thing....

    Maybe check all the xamarin stuff
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    Wish I could be this productive :D Congrats to you, keep up the good work!
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    maybe this could help too
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    @vertti agree, you should get promoted and paid like a chief techical officer.
    and get shares of the company.
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