introductory rant

So I am new here, hi! :)

So the devRant android app does not seem to support this mail format:
(the important part being the "+devrant" thing)

Now I waited 2 days for a confirmation mail that wouldn't arrive and was greeted with the "please confirm your fucking mail" popup every damn time.

"Okay, let's just change my mail to user@domain and deal with it", I thought. Guess what: You can't!

So I contacted the devrant team via e-mail.
And I waited.
2 days.
No answer.


Delete account, recreate with other mail, be happy.

Don't worry, I'm not mad. It's just really fucking ironic.

Looking forward to a great community! :)

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    Welcome to devRant and we as a community apologize for the troubles
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    Really like the +string feature in emails, useful for filtering.

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    I looked in to this case, and while I appreciate the feedback, I don't think this is our issue.

    1. I tested an email with + in it and the confirmation email worked fine.

    2. I checked the confirmation email we sent to your address originally. It hard bounced with "unknown user, mailbox not found." Likely some misconfiguration on your end.

    3. devRant is our side project and we generally don't respond to emails, unless extremely urgent, in less than a week. We get a ton of them and there's only two of us. While I apologize, we don't have the resources to offer better support right now.
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    Actually, looking again, it looks like you just used the wrong extension on your domain name.
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    @dfox Well I think it's my turn to apologize then ^^
    Sorry to cause so much uproar for just a typo and thanks for looking into the case, appreciate it!
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