My last company during the interview said I could do hybrid.
It was about 6 hours of public transport a day. One way was 3 trains and one bus. If everything went well. Which it almost never did. Had days where I had to travel 9 hours.

My whole plan was to move closeby but was going to lean on the hybrid to stay somewhat sane.

They said well we kind of want you to work in office only for a bit. I was like fair.

I went hard responding on home for months.

I asked if I could do hybrid now because it got to the point it really started affecting my productivity.

They said nah we dont do that here.

(They literally had hired an third party dev that was fully remote)

Month later I said wasn't it possible to do at least something.

They offered me 1 day every 2 weeks. Like that was gonna make a fucking dent you fucking crownies. I had to act like it was a god damned privilege.

I made it 9 months in before I was like I really can't do this anymore like this.

The CTO was very quick to move me to HR. They wanted me to mutually unwind the fucking contract.

They were saying well you've got this many vacation days left we'll add 2 days so you'll have pay next month.

Last day was friday where the CEO came to me. Was like here a little something.

A 10 fucking bucks amazon gift card. Are you fucking mental.

I was so fucking done with it.

Work should be a two way relationship you fuckers.

I always did my work. I did it well and it really felt like they just didnt even acknowledge me as a human.

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    1 day WFH every 2 Weeks !! *Loads shotgun* Could you tell me where your boss lives? I just wanna talk.

    10 Dollar Gift card is pretty much the standard corporate BS bait to keep you in the company.
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    @Sid2006 eh I'm not vindictive. But that company is on my permanent blacklist.
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    Always get WFH arrangements in writing.
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    @saucyatom I mean. Previous companies it wasn't an issue at all. So I was rather surprised they made such a big deal out of it.
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    WOW, how could you survive so long? Can't believe such things happen in Europe.
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    @glowFX yeah not gonna lie my weekends were just literally sleeping. ­čĄí
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    it IS two way.

    they screw you, and in return, you get screwed by them.
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