I used to love apt because all I knew was windows.

Now I hate apt because I know pacman/yaourt.

It's funny how perspective does that.

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    Yaourt goodguy, it wasn't deprecated??
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    Wait, what's wrong with apt?
    I used yum/dnf, and some BSD, but I always preferred apt

    (and windows have chocolatey, but is still too... Young and needs lots of work)
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    @Aymen after running software from AUR (using yaourt) collecting repositories for apt seems like a chore now.

    It's wonderful, all software is simply on there.
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    @eisterman is it? Antergos still ships with it. And what else would you use to easily install from AUR?
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    And here I am using apk
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    @ChappIO everywhere I see only pacaur. It have more functionality than yaourt...
    I was a true yaourt fan before the deprecation warning appeared on the wiki :/
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    @eisterman hm interesting. Because I run Antergos and it still ships yaourt
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