Jesus christ what is wrong with this one

12: Colleague deploys something to production (with a second pair of eyes)
14: Asks me why other team isn't seeing the result, I ask whether they have monitored the logs, they have not
17: They finally read the logs and find the problem, change window has ended so tomorrow there's another attempt

Today, they deployed again around 10 and then went away because they had some private responsibilities. Never looked at the logs, never bothered to verify if anything still worked. Just dropped it in a chat.

10 years older than I am, how can you be so irresponsible

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    Of course its your fault. You should learn to become more like Dr Strange that can predict 14,000,005 iterations of the future and pick the universe where the code works like a charm.
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    Not every one cares for their job, to them its just a pay check, and to many does not even make the connection between what work they do and what they get payed :/

    Seen so many that only focus on performing by the letter in the task description.

    And I had a colleague that did a deployment 17:05 on a Friday, and then went home without verifying.

    I spent 3 hours Saturday morning getting the system up and running for the customers again.

    He never regained the permissions to publish.
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    @Voxera Unfortunately for them, their negligence was noted by our project manager, so perhaps they should care a tiny bit more
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    @alexbrooklyn I wont cry over their lack of luck ;)
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