There are two types of contractors/consultants:

1. Hypercompetent
2. Completely inept

Unfortunately I have the displeasure of working with several of the second kind on my team right now. However, there are also several on my team of the first variety who are absolute gods at what they do.

At least it balances out!

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    Easy. Those of us fed up with corporate bullshit but capable developers are the first group.

    The second is made up of aspirants who do not know what it is. Period.
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    @CoreFusionX The man was trying to edit a large codebase in an in-browser text editor. His provided computer had an IDE installed, but he was trying to do anything git-related within GitHub and trying to edit files one by one inside his browser. Refactoring manually and everything. This is what I am dealing with right now.
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    @homomorphicanus WTF!!!!!!!! YOURE JOKING 🤯🤯🤯!! Of all the shitty coworkers I read about this guy is going in my brains hall of fame
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    Thats really gold. How can people inflict so much selfharm to themselves?
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    Is age a factor?
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