Can gamedevelopers stop using lua as their freaking scripting language..
Every time I try and figure out how tables work and think I finally get it it throws a big fuck you curve ball.

Oh and then they use json file to store the data of a table except that those json interfaces are complete retards.

If you are going to support json files then why the fuck won't you put in a small fucking inconsecential JS interperter so you can actually find some docs regarding more complex fucking docs then those simple minded t[guildName] = "guild"

Another thing, why the fuck does lua not use {} like every other langauge. I use those curly brackets to figure out where shit start and ends half the freaking time.

Fuck this I'm out for today...
And a big fuck you with both middle fingers to any dev that thinks lua is a great scripting language for plugins.

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    The thing is I am writing a plugin for a game I'm playing and the only scripting language is available is lua.
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    My love list
    1. C#
    2. Lua
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    @kgbemployee Nope just adding a guild system to an game.

    I have build games from scratch as well though not much with multiplayer or with a huge plugin system.
    If it were me making it I would make an generalized API that runs on http(s) so you could make calls to it from whatever you'd like.
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