My friend got laid off today. He was told to not come to office from tomorrow. No explanation given even after a good performance review.
Why companies are so bad at treating employees like people.

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    If he has passed his probationary period tell them to get a lawyer
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    @daarkfall In India better to find a new job than to hire a lawyer. Justice system is messed up.
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    @HPSingh was this an IT related field?sounds like an uneven distribution (or representation) of supply and demand in India.
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    @greenhouse no he was working in SharePoint. Lots of developers in india but really difficult to find good ones. So yeah there is a supply and demand problem.
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    Get a tribunal for unfair dismissal.
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    It's been my experience that companies don't just let go of good people like that.

    It's also been my experience that sometimes you let go of someone because they are bad / disruptive / negative / malicious / dangerous etc but they tell their friends and family that they are a great, conscientious worker and are the victim of workplace malpractice.
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