I was given a project to lead and develop with 2 other team members by the co-founder, I was told that I will need to deliver an initial demo within 30 days, 20 days in the project and I was told yesterday that they need a final release ready within the next 10 days !! Not just that but the co founder decided to assign one of my team members to another project!!!

I've worked today till 4am.

Guess who's working from home in the morning!

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    Dammit it sucks dude
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    They're taking the piss and exploiting you. Tell them what's achievable given the deadline and your contractual obligations as an employee. Let them figure out what to do. Don't kill yourself because guess what the nect project will follow the same cycle... and the next. You work for the cunts, they don't own you. Your time out of your job is your time so fuck them.... but obviously speak to them in a calm and professional manner😬
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    Try to manage expectations. If you let it slide, that same degree of overtime effort will be expected on future projects.
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    @cino @helloworld how can I explain to them that I like the project but I don't wish to work overtime with situations like these? Without intimidating an egocentric co-founder?
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    If you sent an email or had a meeting, clearly identify items in scope for the project.

    I personally send my pm, team lead, and project sponsors status updates if the pm is bad

    For each item in scope show the start date, end date, effort, risk or issues impacting you from reaching that dead line. For example, you could identify external or internal issues impacting your deliverables.

    In essence, you are doing a mini PM status update.

    For bad project leads, this is my "cover my ass" approach. I send updates every week with status alerts.

    Hope that helps.
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    @cino thanks, you inspired an interesting approach that I can take 😊
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