You want a good rant?
Here have a look at this -

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    It's beautiful :')
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    It's the best responsive site I've ever seen!!!
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    I will create my curriculum with this
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    You absolutely need to add a Dark Theme.
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    If Samuel L. Jackson ever created a website...this would be how it looked.
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    I looked at the source code, I liked the comments.
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    As a frontend guy. Guess this is my duty!
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    No SSL in 2017?
    What is holding you back?
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    no this is not beautiful at all

    go back motherfuckingwebsite.com
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    @rahulakrishna I love what this mother fucking war has brought
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    @gnaaah I am not the one who designed it. I am just an admirer.
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    @Equruler It has a dark bg. Adapts to different screens. Content is written in different weights in a beautiful light weight sans font. Has an image. Still loads fast. And is a piece of art.

    I would just scroll down to the bottom to search for the "I agree" button if they made websites the other way...😛

    I do want to take the satire lightly... But a lot of people, especially the newer backend guys who can't make head or tail out of flexboxes and media queries, has a lot of disrespect for design and art involved in a good website...
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