Have you ever felt that you're being overrated by your employer ?

For our front end projects we use Cloud9 IDE

Now the business have around 100k+ files.

So Cloud9 is becoming slower and slower with every new project created.

So I was tasked to build a code editor where a new instance of that code editor will be created per project ( so, the new editor doesn't need to handle a huge file tree), so I "git clone" ACE editor and add to it GoldenLayout.js , FancyTree.js and some other plugins.

Now they think I'm a genius, and I'm like ... Eh? Should I tell them.. ? Will it backfire later ?

I kinda like the feeling.

What's the best thing to do in this case?

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    So instead of using cloud9 for its ide youre now using a hacked together solution that gets cloned per project via cloud9? I read the post multiple times and don't understand 😅
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    If they don't see what you really did they don't deserve to know the truth ;)

    And if they think you are a genius then go get a raise. That's the best possible moment.
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    Use something better, like Eclipse Che

    and oh! There's also alm-tools IDE if you're interested for Monaco-based ones

    (FYI: Monaco is what powers VS Code)
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