What do computers and air conditioners have in common ---- They both become useless when you open windows

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    Wow, devRant users appear to be very anti Windows. Personally I love it.
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    windows is far more prodictive, but that's just my opinion
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    I will agree with you for: me, vista, 8, 8.1 but why so much hate for Windows now? it's "free", runs on an old laptop just fine and most importantly does not require you to buy a 1200 euro computer. and please don't say Linux..yes Linux is awesome but it's not for everyone. as for the dev part Microsoft has seriously put effort in trying to get more devs to write for Windows without extra cost (apple) Anyway.. my personal opinion is that all 3, 4 if you include chrome os, have there strengths and weaknesses but I prefer having 3 good OSs and try to prove which one is the best rather than just 1
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