*Wants to learn a programming language*
*visits Udemy*
*It's costly af*
*Visits youtube*
*Plays learn complete java in 30 min*
*Visits hacker earth*
*Started solving a problem*
-- eternity later--
*Still on same problem*
*Cries in corner*


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    Udemy has many times 10$/€ events for all the courses thats how i last time bought AI course

    Also you should check coursera it offers courses for free if u dont need cert
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    Check https://depot.xda-developers.com/
    it has reasonable prices
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    For java :)

    I once bought Ethical hacking course it does teach but always remember it is up to you to become a pro, those courses just teach the headlines that are enough to help carrying on
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    Ik @ivrat, it was just a joke
    and yes, sites like mooc,coursera are good
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    @ivrat is Udemy really legit? They do these "exclusive" offers almost on a daily basis so either they're desperate for new Learners or the courses just aren't good
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    @JamesRune the ai course was priced for 200eur and i bought it for 10 im kinda halfway through it, but i think this course is good enough with good narrations and vids and also materials

    But i think quality of courses are different its important to check what is included or how the course is rated
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    Coursera offers students a grant for their courses also check classcentral.com here many free and complete course on almost all topic will be available (they provide links to all the top e-learning sites)
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    Java 💜💜
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    Same here bro. Udemy is hit or miss. I usually only get the 90% off or free courses. Derek Banas is a demogod but he speaks really fast and skips over some stuff. Still I feel weirdly overconfident after watching his stuff. There was one udemy instructor I absolutely loved. Brad Schiff's "Git a Web Developer Job: Mastering the Modern Workflow."

    But with my brain if I don't put it into practice immediately and often, any course is worthless in the end.
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    Yeah conventional paperback books are the best (idk why I don't like ebooks ;__;)
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    In itunes you can get computer science courses from Stanford and MIT for free. I would think those would be excellent. Probably other schools are involved too.
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    @ninjatini lol itunes <.<
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    With udemy, check the previews, buy for $10.

    I need to like a speakers tone of voice, otherwise I can't learn.

    Bought the Rust programming language, And Elixir & Phoenix bootcamp. Both are quite good so far. Not incredible, but very decent.

    You can often find loads of coupons around the internet for udemy as well.
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    @ivrat yeah it needs to die. But that content is good and free. You can probably get it elsewhere
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    Udemy def has some gems. A lot of it is utter shit as well though, and some of the instructors are spamming useless emails like theres no tomorrow.
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    There are udemy courses with discounts from time to time. What do you want to learn? I have some good resources for many that are free and that I have cross checked with paid courses to gage quality :) i has an assistant teacher at uni, so had to git gud on this stuff to help others :) if you have any particular tech stacks that you want to learn lemme know, interests (e.g web devel, machine learning) as well!
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    There's even a link somewhere on reddit (r/udemyfreebies) which applies a 'everything for 10,-' promo, if there's no current promotion 😄
    Works like a charm!
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    Also, Udacity is nice and courses are free as well
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