I bought BMW recently and the engineers who designed it did a phenomenal job. The one oddity though, there are up and down arrows on the steering wheel representing next and previous, except that down is next and up is previous. It's so counter intuitive and I wish they would standardize button interfaces or produce guidelines everyone would stick to.

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    Dude! I have an Infiniti and on the steering wheel it works as expected (up is up and down is down) but when I click the up/down button below my touch screen they are both switched!
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    Did you get the "I have a BMW so I am shitty driver" package too?
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    Depends on the placement of the buttons, if the buttons are on the left of the steering wheel, then down should be previous and up should be next, but if it's on the right side of the steering wheel it should be down for next and up for previous. Of course, if they're just on the dashboard or something then fuck it, they should've been left and right :)
    But for me, it's forward in clockwise rotation, hence the upper explanation.
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    @Bikonja they're on the right. The other weird thing is when you're working the radio they're backwards. Down goes higher in the band. I mean I'll adjust, it's trivial but it does just feel wrong.
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    @ninjatini of course. I know the pain of adjusting, like getting a Samsung after a normal Android :D
    Also, to clarify, I was talking about upper quadrants of the steering wheel. Between quadrants is messy :S
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    @Linux Nah, although it's pretty easy to see why people would drive sort of aggressively in them. They handle well and are fast. In my area the worst drivers are almost ubiquitously driving large trucks. The worst people text and drive continuously. I want nothing more than to drag them out of their car and knee cap them.
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    @Bikonja yeah cars always seem to have messy interfaces but I figured if anyone would make an interface that was logical it'd be the Germans. Good to see that anyone is capable of surprising us. Lol
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