When you're an idiot who doesn't know what you're talking about since you've always used Google, and people give you shit for it anyways instead of just being cool about it.

Come on guys. This is ridiculous. My school uses Google services, so I'm pretty much forced into it. I've never really ventured outside of Google because it works just fine. I clearly don't know what I'm talking about. That much is obvious. How about trying to be a good person and help me out instead of talking down to me and --'ing my rants and comments.

This is why humanity is doomed to fail. Half the population is comprised of complete fucking idiots, and the other half is mostly assholes.

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    As another google user, duckduckgo is a decent alternative, please do consider checking it out
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    If you guys would like tips/alternatives etc, keep my posts in check. I'm developing a site which compares the not so privacy friendly/proprietary services/apps/etc to privacy friendly/open ones!

    Also feel free to ask me anything regarding this :)
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    Oh and just for the record, I've never downvoted anything from you in relation to this (never anything I think but i always down vote memes so can't be sure!)
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    Also, living without Google is possible as I block it throughout my whole network :)
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