My first day in a Linux admin and security course. I went all confident and cocky waiting for some bullshit like "type in your term: ls, cd, pwd, see you tomorrow"
Suddenly the teacher starts to configure lampp, then jumps to bind, and thirty minutes leater , when everyone has their ssl keys under control, I was still struggling to correctly forward my mate. The rest of the day was smooth and easy for those who finished their servers, and there I was, unable to find my own ass in the middle of that mess made of bad assigned permissions and wrong placed addresses. Even worse, he came to me when I asked for help, took my chair and fixed everything in one beautiful single bash line. I started to ask "what's this? Where is that? Is it a config file or a directory?" And with all his patience he keep telling me the obvious answers that where right there at the screen but I couldn't see. Took me two weeks to catch his pace, and another two weeks to understand fully his classes. He never said a word about my terrible first day (first couple weeks). When course finished, I saw he was going to teach a really hard security module, and I signed up without hesitate.

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    Way to stay with it.
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    Sounds like someone worth listening to and learning from!
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    I bet he's had to deal with people way more clueless than you were :P Really good job though man, respect for sharing that story. It's humbling for me to see people so earnestly talk about their struggles.
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    Inspiring story. Keep it up.
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    Sounds like a good course. Where is it located? I've been looking for some good ones. Appreciate any input !
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    @mepstein6 came from a european study plan for employment. I'm from Spain and here the social services try to fight crisis with that sort of things. Another thing that helps me a lot is packt, no spam intended...
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