The person I report to just seems to want a mindless drone who implements whatever he has chalked out.

I plan out a sound solution for a problem that we're working on, and run it by him cause he asked me to show it to him before starting out with the work.
He doesn't even bother to read or understand it, and instantly rejects the whole thing in favour of his new solution.

What a big waste of time and effort. Don't understand what the dude's problem is!

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    The feels.
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    @AlexDeLarge you couldn't have been more right about this. I've seen so many other colleagues leave because of him.
    Really difficult to maintain team spirit with such a person on the team.
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    Does this person also report to someone else? Because you're made to waste time.
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    @gitblame yeah there is a superior above him. But office politics is such that the superior will not really do anything about this person.
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