With the shitty weather, WFH is quite attractive this year.

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    Except when you have to stay at home all the day every day 😐
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    WFH is attractive all year. Change my mind.
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    The tags...!
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    I have never been to wacken. It feels like a duty to myself, and I just know I will do it at least once.
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    As per my organization's top brass "Employees love their offices" y'all should have seen how she was chewed at for this shit.

    I live in Texas, I graze 45-48 degrees (Celsius, not Freedoms) daily,I do not wish to be outside whatsofuckingeever
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    The festival is awesome.

    The knee-deep mud, sometimes neverending drizzle and such not so much.

    But I agree it's something every metalhead should do at least once.

    I feel bad for those who attended this year and couldn't get into the camping because the rain has messed up the installations and they had to reduce allowance.
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    > With the shitty weather,

    say it with me:

    camping is always better in shitty weather.

    It almost rhythms, that means it must be true!
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    @AleCx04 45°C+ daily!!? Holly crap, you guys must have ACs turned on year-round.
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    @Berkmann18 we essentially do. One place I know of in which houses come with industrial strength AC as well as +$250 dllr electricity bills.

    Insulation on some homes is pretty top notch, so if we are inside then we are good without making the AC fire up like crazy, but that is only a few.
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    @AleCx04 That's good then and it sounds like the opposite of UK houses which are good at keeping the heat in but on very hot days, it's a pain (especially in places with no built-in AC units).
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