Most programming shirts/hoodies really suck. They fall into two categories:

1. Super lame pun quotes in an ugly font.
2. Memes transfer-printed onto cheap fabric

I'm not against puns, or quotes. I quite like the design from @AlexDeLarge
https://devrant.io/rants/830390/, and I've been looking for a nice shirt with Dijkstra's "simplicity is a prerequisite for reliability" on it.

But many do not put any thought into beautiful design, and shit like "No place like", "404 girlfriend not found" or "There are 10 kinds of people" really stopped being funny a decade ago.

Good design, colors & quality are so fucking important.

What are your favorite dev-related clothes?

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    I currently have just two, both of which I like quite a bit:

    Circuit board shirt:

    Vim Logo shirt:
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    I got this. It was in an episode of Silicon Valley, but it also fits my style of minimal design.
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    @BindView Oh god the yellow.
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    @bittersweet dunno, im colorblind
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    The long-term plan for devRant has included expanding our shirt collection to be more generalized to the wider programmer market, not just bold "devRant" shirts. The problem I see with most dev-related apparel out there is that they are too focused on humor, everyone trying to be clever riffing off other brands or developer puns. My goal is to (eventually) build out a collection of cool, hip shirts that are a bit more subtle, but if you're in the circle of trust, you recognize as being about development.
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    I do not agree. I love all terrible puns on t-shirts my only problem is I cannot afford them all. This is my current favorite.
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    @aquacash5 That one passes the bar for me, it's at least not as desperate of a pun.

    @trogus Exactly! I don't want to look like a college student on stag night, I prefer a casual, pleasing pattern with some subtle references. Something I can wear to an office and be considered "more or less grown up". And text should look like someone with a grasp of typography/typesetting was involved, not just Arial 72pt printed on vinyl.
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    @bentastic I wish I could give you += 10, IT'S EXACTLY WHAT I MEANT 😱

    This one makes even PHP cool:
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    @bittersweet So I take it you're also against getting a tattoo of something stereotypical in binary?
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    @jhh2450 IBM too
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    I reaaaally like the freebsd devil but I don't use free bsd for anything so I don't buy it.

    Although this ones even better than just the devil. https://redbubble.com/people/...
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    @codePatrol I have a shirt like that with a Panther's football player on it. (it's McCaffrey if you're a sports guy lol)
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    @jhh2450 I'm torn about tattoos. For some reason, I'd like one eventually. But finding a design that's both meaningful and beautiful to me is not easy.

    I've written a lot of Haskell code and worked in biochem — so possibly some geometric molecular design featuring a lambda symbol.
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    @trogus if you need help i'm here! :D
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