7 page resume
13 jobs, some only lasting 3 months
TONS of grammatical and spelling errors.
Descriptions of each job has several lines just saying he "created functions; interfaces; abstract classes; classes".... For a jr/senior level developer job? Why are we interviewing him?

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    wtf how do you fill up 7 pages
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    It has happened a lot. My boss is AWFUL at screening. I'm beginning to think he goes for length not actual content.
    But I'm beginning to wonder if this guy uses variables ... I don't see it mentioned in the resume yet
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    Also claims to have 18 years of experience. At max he has 10 years. WHY
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    "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." - Albert Einstein

    Some people just don't get the "everything" part, nor that this is actually a lot harder that making something needlessly large/complex.

    If you had actual experience worth 7 pages, I'd expect you to be able to summarize the most relevant parts, and I'm no recruiter/boss. You can impress me with just one well crafted sentence.
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    You are interviewing him because your company probably is in desperate need of a cheap programmer that can do basic things?
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    @BindView by having 13 jobs that last 3 months.
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    @adorkable ask him why his jobs were all so short. I'm curious to see his answer. 😂
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    only 3 months? Someone isn't making it after probation period
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