Ah, the joy of finding code that looks like a never-ending stream of characters. Because hitting "Enter" is just too much effort, right?

Who needs readable chunks when you can have an eye strain-inducing monolith?

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    Reformatting is the absolute most easiest refactoring task and should indeed precede any further refactoring.
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    I don't recognise this at all.

    You're finding code with multiple statements per line?

    Like "var x=1; var y = x; console.log(y);" in one line?

    Highly unusual.

    Just auto-format/lint that shit to enforce line breaks.
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    Not necessarily multiple statements per line, but multiple statements, functions, etc. all after one another with no empty lines (dividers) can make one's eye sore, brain melt & sanity questioned, @jiraTicket
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