A big FUCK YOU to chrome, and a big FUCK YOU to google in generally. First the hell that is code.org, then the chrome. I genuinely want to open a dictionary in google to see if the word "privacy" is in there. Sure, first it was tracking users with by making them agree to a long ass TOS no one wants to read except lawyers, then barely even giving any info and asking for consent with YOUR data, but this is too far. For all you that dont know, LanSchool is an application that allows teachers to see students screens, internet history and more. Its the reason kids can't play games in English class. But most importantly, its a chrome extension. We have to do assignments from home right? So when we logon to the school account from home, LANSCHOOL GETS DOWNLOADED ANYRACKS EVERYTHING I DO. It pains me how teachers can view so much information unfairly because of some unknowing students, my friends privacy was unfairly in the hands of google and the school system. Right when I found out about tit (~2 mins after i first logged on) i made an Ubuntu VM just for goddamn google docs. Back to my friend, he went on some websites not to be considered appropriate, and got in huge trouble. He was completely unaware of the fact that they could see his screen, and I resent google for allowing a third party to manipulate my PERSONAL COMPUTER without my consent. Die google, you ruined android, which had so much potential, and now the web and virtual privacy. You should be <strike>ashamed</strike> dead, and I hope in the future you realize that one day people will have common sense.

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    But being a minor, adult monitoring is normal? And you should never do bad stuff on a PC u don't own?
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    @billgates Adult monitoring on personal laptops/pc's is normal?! Not where I live at least Oo
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    Oh and yeah indeed fuck google.
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    "it's a chrome extension"

    Maybe I am missing something. How is a chrome extension Google's fault?
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    And here i am lecturing people at work on how Google is evil and profit from their data... No one ever listens....
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    @linuxxx thought it was a whole laptop...
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    Also fuck the school for not only installing that extension on everyone's computer, but also caring to monitor their students activity when they're out of class.

    They should just ignore, or completely deactivate data collection from the time you leave school to the next morning when you go back in.
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    @tahnik it was *googles* choice to allow my school to add that extension and grant it all permissions
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    @skbs i use a guess window in a Ubuntu vm
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    @ocab19 I'm not 100% sure they *knew* it was outside school. I believe it could've recorded from his house and they just thought it recorded that at school.
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    1. How's extension's activity that YOU installed Google's fault?
    2. When you try to install an extension, chrome tells you exactly what the extension can do. So again, YOU agreed to these permissions.
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    Well this is a bit far fetched. This has absolutely nothing to do with Google and to be honest, it's not even really your school's fault. You logged into your school account and allowed it to sync the extensions onto your personal computer. You have to give this permissions and you can simply turn it off and uninstall the extensions. You done fucked up kid. And then running Chrome in a VM? You did try removing the extension right? They can lock it down on the school systems but wont be able to do that on your personal computer...
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    Just download a portable chrome to use the school profile.
    It won't share info with the installed version (I think)
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    This is why i go out of the way of google as much as possible. Android... Well. No chance (the other way around is apple). Youtube. well. No chance too. However, I will NEVER USE CHROME, I will NEVER USE GOOGLE and I will NEVER USE CHROMIUM OS!

    Those suckers want my data, but they wont get as much as they want
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    Here's a secret from someone who works at a school, we are required (by law) to track what you do on the network at school. We are also required to monitor what you do on school owned devices. Now with that said if you personally paid for your own laptop. And you own that laptop (school didn't give it to you) then uninstall that extension and be done with it, or create a new chrome profile and disable it. If all else fails with that then just download Firefox or use edge, chrome extensions can not access other applications (security).

    If the school gave you the device and they allow you to take it home get it through your head that they own that device and are not only allowed to do whatever they want with that device (including monitoring what you do) but in some states are required too.

    You are a minor and our jobs as educators and school IT personnel is to follow the law number one and number two keep you safe and number three prevent the school from being sued by a moron.
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    @gitlab Understood and although not logical for me (as far as I know this is literally illegal in the netherlands), why would it have to include the use of Google's services/software?
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    @linuxxx in the United States when a minor goes to the school the school is legally acting as a parent. This means if parents find out that the kids have watched porn they can sue us for not "protecting" there children. Our IT department hates this but we live with it. Plus every school district has its own policy in what it tracks and what it doesn't.

    And when it comes to Google services we use Google Vault to log what students (and staff) email, store and so forth so on.
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    @linuxxx as a side note, because the school is acting as a parent they can search students property without a warrant and they can also grant law enforcement the right to search students stuff without a warrant as well. Students are not protected by the bill of rights when they step into a school.
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    @gitlab Fair enough, doesn't work like that here luckily!

    On the Google part, this is allowed (to use google for school data etc) actually but very soon there will be a new law in place which only allows sensitive data (including everything you mentioned) to be saved either in the country or in the EU but NOT outside the EU (not officially but heard that it's partially because of Google's involvement in the PRISM mass surveillance program and they don't want students' data to get caught up in that)
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    @linuxxx I forgot to mention that we also use a chrome extension that logs the sites the user visits and what not and reports it back to us. And if it's a Chromebook that extension also tells us EVERYTHING they so on that device.
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    @gitlab I'm glad this will be illegal without explicit consent soon in the EU!
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    @linuxxx if a law like that passed here we would just add the consent to the internet policy form we give students every year and if they decided to say no they would have to say no to the whole form which would mean no school devices or internet at all for them.
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    @gitlab And exactly that will be illegal here from April on. It'll also be illegal to store/collect data which isn't necessary to collect for providing the service the company provides. Also online tracking will only be allowed with explicit consent and privacy policies/tos's have to be very clear by law :)
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    @gitlab @linuxxx the school blocked social media, so everyone got a vpn. it was kinda beautiful watching kids learn about how to protect their data.
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    @calmyourtities wouldn't really work where I work, our firewall is very very very good at blocking vpns, not only that but we managed to block tor and the Tor bridge nodes that usually bypass firewalls.

    I had to write a custom program to bypass the firewall on a per machine basis for the rest of the team so we could VPN into our other district networks (we are contracted by other school districts)
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