Warning: this is not a rant. I'm too happy and excited to rant right now.

Today I "finished" my first webpage!!!


It's the blog I'll use. It's currently offline for obvious reasons but I intend to put it out there when I have more confidence on my skills and some content to put in it. I only used django, html and css, and I really dig the looks of it. My gf liked it so it can't be that ugly.

I still have a lot to learn with django, and I will add a thing or two to this
webpage but now I feel confident enough to make the backbone of my first real project : a platform to ease essay writing for history students. It's something simple for students to keep track of their essays thesis and ideas but also the bibliography they'll use and the thesis and ideas they think each text they read for the essay has. I intend later to extend the functionality so it can store all the texts the user has used in some useful and atractive manner so they can keep track of everything they've read, share it and use it for later works.

I'm so fucking excited I can't fucking sleep (it's 3 am right now).

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    Let's fucking go!
    *proceeds to pop-off like a fucking gorilla
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    Good job, man!
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    @RiderExMachina thanks! Still can't sleep btw...
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    "My gf liked it so it can't be that ugly" 😂
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    When I'm insomniac, I have to do whatever I'm thinking about, get it on paper or something. Then my mind is at ease and I can sleep.

    Sometimes it saves hours of tossing and turning, even if you just write out the ideas in words if you're thinking about coding
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    @RiderExMachina makes a lot of sense. Gonna do it right now.
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    Ok. before you publish your site, here a small checklist:

    1) Does your website use https?
    2) if your website has backend.
    2.1) Does it use php7 or python?
    2.2) Are user account-passwords hashed and to they have a salt?
    2.3) Is it safe against XSS, or SQL injection completely?
    3) is it responsive?
    4) Is it good enough from a designer standpoint?

    I dont want to make you down ;) I understand your enjoyment and I had to go trough the same steps as you. However, I want to save you from big embarrasements.

    You have to know: many websites go down because of those above mentioned factors.

    if you answered EVEN ONE QUESTION with NO, consider continueing working on it.

    If you need help, ping me: wittmaxi@outlook.

    for feedback, I think, the community here is inclined to help you (I am too ;) )

    BTW: If everything above was checked, give yourself a pad on the back! WELL DONE!

    stroustrupp is proud of you ;)
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    @linuxer4fun thanks for the list. I'm gonna screenshot it for later. The first thing I did was the backend and I think I used http with django. The other stuff in the list are the reasons I won't put it online yet.
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    @linuxer4fun so... After thinking for a while in this new project, and trying to start coding, I realise I'm going to need to take some design decisions before in order to make everything work together. Is there a common design stage paradigm for developing webapps? Should I just make some diagrams to understand how my models will work and how the apps inside the web will interact? Are there different options from which I could choose a design method? Thanks for your words btw. Devrant is a really special place.
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    @gitcommit haha no problem :)

    Remember, design isnt about "how can i make things pretty" but rather "how can i make people see stuff better?".

    First, think about where on a page you look first.

    Obviously top left. So its better to write the page name there and not your contact details (example).

    Then, look at long sentences. Do they really need to be that long? (not speaking about your blogposts)

    Yau should always remember the reading direction. Generally, the middle of the top line is the title. So make it stand out. Etc.

    You will see, most website are almost like that. (google.com)

    Else, try to be as creative as possible with the colors, please dont use standard colors (if you do, i will com to you and kill you hamster. Or maybe i wont xD)

    Also, what always helps is to take a break from coding. Also, maybe ask you gf to be next to you while coding. She gives you ideas and you implement them. Ive learned, that that can helpmyou much, because others dont see it from
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    @linuxer4fun a webdev Perspektive.

    For the security, if you want me to, i can pentest your server (if you allow me to ;) ), and give you tips to increase security.

    You will mostly have to deal with skids who pride themselves of hacking.

    Else, as said, please make dqango use https.

    Other thing: your website has user accounts? If so, its CRUCIAL to encrypt the data of the user. DONT MESS WITH THAT. I can teach you encryption if you need me to.
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    @linuxer4fun thanks dude. I'm really far away from putting my stuff on a server. Right now I'm using the local server provided by django but I'm not sure how I'll have to do it later in production. I'm still making baby steps but thanks for everything. I'll hit you up when I have everything up and running so you can pen test everything. And yes, the site will have users, that's really new for me on the backend, but it's great because I'll learn a lot.
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    @gitcommit Google ngrok. Just do it ;)

    PS: its a way of exposing your localhost so other can browse it. Its great for letting other test your website
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