This meme gets alive on every apple event...

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    Welcome to devRant!

    It's been like this for a while lol
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    @Jop- list.append("Mi MIX")
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    @Jop- list.extend(["Essential Phone"])
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    This is all the more true since Samsung makes some of their phone parts
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    @Jop- 'cept, the LG G6 uses an IPS screen...
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    @runfrodorun HDR
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    @Jop- how so? They look and function totally differently? I recently had the opportunity to test both of them before buying and chose the S8 Plus because it's more beautiful that the G6, has a Super OLED display, and Samsung Experience is surprisingly more usable than LGs bloated mess
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    @Jop- how? The look and work nothing alike
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