Is it ok to post job opportunities on here?

Not sure if I want to work with a fellow devranter as I won't be able to rant about you 😐

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    Probably not afaik, @dfox
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    what do you need done?
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    Maybe a little freelance section with a 10% cut to devRant.
    That would be awesome.
    Freelance sites are flooded with auto bids and Indian companies that take everything they can and give the work to ppl who earn basically nothing, taking 90% of the profits..
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    I think this is the point of the collabs section.
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    @Kimmax I second that. I sense there is a subtle difference between a collaboration and a freelance setup.

    In the latter the customer/supplier relationship is obvious.
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    No, the company I work for is looking for a new developer (we are expanding) so wondered about putting it on here. Thanks anyway
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