I first try to figure out why I really want to build this and (if the project is intended that way) why someone would use it.

Then I strip the idea down to its bare minimums so I know what I should build for it to be of any value.

And then I start building until I no longer think it's worth working on the project.

For instance:

I am kind of surprised to see that in a world where cloud and apis become more and more leading, there isn't really a commonly accepted and flexible api management platform.

There are some cloud based platforms out there that can be configured using some interface but why is it like that? Surely you aren't going to deploy multiple versions of your core with different platforms right?

That's where my latest project comes in. I want to create an on-prem api management platform which you configure to work with your api during development. Then you can deploy it to any infrastructure alongside your core api.

This way you:

- are not bound to a specific cloud
- don't have to worry about security and firewalls
- get user management and rate limiting for free

I will probably create a collab for this once the platform is mature enough.

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    Welp, I just discovered Tyk on-prem. I guess this project is done.
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