A story about a helpless intern : On a fine day an intern was assigned a feature to develope. He worked his ass off, completed it, submitted it for testing, the build was approved by the tester and got released the next day. Fast forward a few days, the feature is failing in few cases at the production.Everbody, starts pointing fingers at the intern.
The intern wonders...How the fuck am I gonna know this fucking use case, do they really expect me to to build a full proof feature without telling me about all the possible senarios...And how the fuck did the tester approved this...? I mean, now that I know this senario, it seems pretty obvious that it should have been tested...!
Note : This also happened to another developer who recently joined...The PM failed to properly communicate all the requirements and the fucking lazy ass tester did not consider all the possible senarios. And the script failed in the production...!
Note : It's 4 fucking AM and the intern still can't sleep...

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    BTW : Testing is done by hand , No unit tests, no instrumentation tests...
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    BTW : This kind of things happen very frequently and still the PMs and testers are not willing to acknowledge or learn anything from it and still probably continue to write vague and shitty PRDs...Without use case senarios....And the testers, well that is a completely different story...!
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    @StanTheMan I think most entry level people lack testing knowledge. I'm one of them. I'm decent at the coding knowledge, but nobody focuses on testing when learning to code :/
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    Do they really expect an intern (!) to write production-ready code?
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    @Krokoklemme Production-ready ? The intern is working on the main logic of the production on his 1st month at the place. Playing with logic that if done wrong could potentially cause lots of financial loss by the hour. And trying to decode & understand that shitty piece of code where variables are named as z, t, a, b.... (NO JOKE...) and empty `catch` blocks and fucked up indentations... ☠️
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