Am I the only one that loses some, if not all, motivation when they can't figure out a way of overcoming a problem that doesn't involve a nauseating hack?

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    I just keep trying other ways to accomplish it..
    Eventually you know the whole code so well that making changes is a breeze
    (takes about a week though)
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    Often undocumented ways or kludgy ways are the only way. I think of it as stretching the product and being 'creative'. Even write/compiled a series of now outdated books to help developers.
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    @Jumpshot44 that's very true. I have occasionally contributed to public repo, but I was more referring to my own code.

    At the moment I have a guest shopping basket, which is session based; and a team shopping basket accessible by authenticated users and stored in the database. Both fairly similar so I've extended an abstract base class for each but still feels so dirty.
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