When the anti-tech departments pretend that remote work don't exist and annoy people about things that really don't matter, specially when you are not in the office. Like massage chairs or birthday cakes for someone you never/hardly ever met.

(bullshit departments like celebrations, facilities, marketing, culture, I swear I'm not making those up)

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    I would not write this on a job advertisment as a perk, but I must say i hate my job less since there is some birthday cake every third day.
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    celebrations department ??? WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK ???!!!!!
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    @SidTheITGuy It's what happens when the HR department got too big, they had to split off the culture department, and that one also got too big. There's a 13-story building full of those important people, and then there's a few weirdos in the basement writing some codes or something.
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    @saucyatom the weirdoes are not allowed in the building, they work remote.
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