Full stack programmer on the recruitment post vs reality

Requirements written on the recruitment post: Frontend Development, Backend Development.

Reality: Frontend Development, Backend Development, Devopts, Infrastructure, UI/UX Design, Video Editing, Design, Customer Service...

Me: Full Stack means everything

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    That reality is unrealistic.
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    Yeah, there's no way that's feasible or efficient
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    He's a Full Metal Stack Developer.

    He likes Vietnam War Movies, listens Metal music and has medals in every design & code discipline. 😄
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    That is not a full stack, it is more like a company of one
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    Most jobs now a days look like that...
    Java, JavaEE with Spring (full)
    SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sqlite, android development. Node.js with webpack, react, ember.js, backbone.js, react.js angular.js, css,sass, photoshop, bootstrap, php, python, perl, cobol.

    Must have masters degree and 15 years of experience with all of them...yes we know that node is not that old but fk u
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    @AleCx04 salary: 30k a year
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