Woohoo!!! I made it to 1000++s :) Now I feel less newbie-like around here :)

So... I don't want to shit-post, so in gratitude to all you guys for this awesome community you've built, specially @trogus and @dfox, I'll post here a list of my ideas/projects for the future, so you guys can have something to talk about or at least laugh at.

Here we go!

Current Project: Ensayador.
It's a webapp that intends to ease and help students write essays. I'm making it with history students in mind, but it should also help in other discipline's essay production. It will store the thesis, arguments, keywords and bibliography so students can create a guideline before the moment of writting. It will also let students catalogue their reads with the same fields they'd use for an essay: that is thesis, arguments, keywords and bibliography, for their further use in other essays. The bibliography field will consist on foreign keys to reads catalogued. The idea is to build upon the models natural/logical relations.

Apps: All the apps that will come next could be integrated in just one big app that I would call "ChatPo" ("Po" is a contextual word we use in my country when we end sentences, I think it derived from "Pues"). But I guess it's better to think about them as different apps, just so I don't find myself lost in a neverending side-project.

A subchat(similar to a subreddit)-based chat app:
An app where people can join/create sub-chats where they can talk about things they are interested in. In my country, this is normally done by facebook groups making a whatsapp group and posting the link in the group, but I think that an integrated app would let people find/create/join groups more easily. I'm not sure if this should work with nicknames or real names and phone numbers, but let's save that for the future.

A slack clone:
Yes, you read it right. I want to make a slack clone. You see, in my country, enterprise communications are shitty as hell: everything consists in emails and informal whatsapp groups. Slack solves all these problems, but nobody even knows what it is over here. I think a more localized solution would be perfect to fill this void, and it would be cool to make it myself (with a team of friends of course), and hopefully profit out of it.

A labour chat-app marketplace:
This is a big hybrid I'd like to make based on the premise of contracting services on a reliable manner and paying through the app. "Are you in need of a plumber, but don't know where to find a reliable one? Maybe you want a new look on your wall, but don't want to paint it yourself? Don't worry, we got you covered. In <Insert app name> you can find a professional perfect to suit your needs. Payment? It's just a tap away!". I guess you get the idea. I think wechat made something like this, I wonder how it worked out.

* Why so many chat apps? Well... I want to learn Erlang, it is something close to mythical to me, and it's perfect for the backend of a comms app. So I want to learn it and put it in practice in any of these ideas.*


Flat-land arena: A top down arena game based on the book "flat land". Different symmetrical shapes will fight on a 2d plane of existence, having different rotating and moving speeds, and attack mechanics. For example, the triangle could have a "lance" on the front, making it agressive but leaving the rest defenseless. The field of view will be small, but there'll be a 2d POV all around the screen, which will consist on a line that fills with the colors of surrounding objects, scaling from dark colors to lighter colors to give a sense of distance.
This read could help understand the concept better:

A 2D darksouls-like class based adventure: I've thought very little about this, but it's a project I'm considering to build with my brothers. I hope we can make it.

Imposible/distant future projects:

History-reading AI: History is best teached when you start from a linguistic approach. That is, you first teach both the disciplinar vocabulary and the propper keywords, and from that you build on causality's logic. It would be cool to make an AI recognize keywords and disciplinary vocabulary to make sense of historical texts and maybe reformat them into another text/platform/database. (this is very close to the next idea)

Extensive Historical DB: A database containing the most historical phenomena posible, which is crazy, I know. It would be a neverending iterative software in which, through historical documents, it would store historical process, events, dates, figures, etc. All this would then be presented in a webapp in which you could query historical data and it would return it in a wikipedia like manner, but much more concize and prioritized, with links to documents about the data requested. This could be automated to an extent by History-reading AI.

I'm out of characters, but this was fun. Plus, I don't want this to be any more cringy than it already is.

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    I forgot to thank @shellbug for that last ++ boost. What would he do that? I don't really know, but thanks man, I really appreciate it. πŸ˜‹
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    @ThatDude niice!!! High five! 😊
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    @gitcommit you're welcome! πŸ˜‰ I actually was enjoying your latest rants/comments and noticed you were almost hitting 1k, so I decided to give you a boost.

    Keep up the good ranting and good luck on those project ideas. 🍻
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    @shellbug how considerate :) thanks again
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    Also historical DB sounds good, i was thinking about the concept of making a program write essays for me in a way that I don't know would work, maybe collab on it someday?
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    @calmyourtities it would be cool to work with you on that some day, but currently I'm light years away from it πŸ˜…. Plus, I don't really know how it is possible for AI to write. I know it is, and probably if you mix it with the concept of history reading ai, it could work. But as I said, I'm light years away. I'm still struggling to learn software architecture properly and I'm starting with the most basic knowledge around data science. I hope someday we can work on it though 😊
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    @gitcommit congrats dude, I'm looking forward to the 2D darksouls
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    @byte Idk if it will ever be made. But it would be cool to make such a game πŸ˜…
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    Kudos for crossing the 1k mark.. you got tons of ideas. I hope you successfully finish each one of them.
    Regarding using AI for creating essays, you can look into RNN LTSM. It's currently one of the best algos for processing string contents.
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    @github thanks! I'll have it in mind when I get more immersed in AI.
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    @gitcommit whenever you do make it, remember to post it here
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