Just had a fire drill at school. I yelled "GIT PUSH!! GIT PUSH!!".

I've always wanted to do that... :P

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    More like git push - f origin master.

    You don't want your code to be rejected because of conflicts while you burn bruh!
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    Git commit, git push, git out
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    I bet you looked like a total moron 😂
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    I'll just leave this here.
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    That exact sign is on the wall at our office.
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    @bahua - Sounds like a good office :)
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    I can only wonder how your friends and teachers reaction would have been...
    Either they know about git or must have thought you are shouting in your mother tongue for help..
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    Git push
    Git commit
    Git legit
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    But what about the merge conflicts if you're all pushing at once! git pull and perhaps git 3rd degree burns on your body, too.
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    @nikoto that's why you should work on your own branch and not master.
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    Git commit, git push (oh fuck tests failed, cant push).

    I am that sadistic team lead that added a prepush hook for liner and tests 😁
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    @RTRMS We have hooks that prevent overlooked debuggers and bindings, which is super useful! Not quite as sadistic though ;)
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    Well done, sir. 😂
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