Just installed Arch. :)

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    @KizuTheMaid Why? For the glory of Satan of course!
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    Oh my god
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    You know, this is great.
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    Question: Do you think people that still use Windows XP would see the difference?
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    Brings back childhood memories 😢😊
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    Dude that's awesome which DE and theme link pls wanna recreate :D
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    I Need this yesterday
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    This brings back so .. less memories
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    Wait.. You actually use xp theme?

    I only have it on a couple of machines the seniors in my family use..

    Because if it's even remotely unfamiliar..

    "what's this? I want xp.".. Yeah.
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    @ThoughtfulDev It's Cinnamon with the Mint-XP theme (available under themes -> 'add/remove desktop themes').

    Pretty easy to set up on any distro.
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    @Jilano It would require a bit more work to fool anyone. I did not set up an XP icon set and button theme for instance.
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    @lotd I don't actually use it, I was just playing around. :)

    Tbh I don't think I'm going to keep Arch for regular usage. I've been using Debian for 5 years now, so I'm accustomed to a system that is usable out of the box and can be configured on top - rather than setting up everything and writing every config file from scratch.

    It's basically what I expected the experience to be, but I still wanted to look into it. Not saying that I'm ditching it right away - I'm going to keep it in the VM for fooling around I guess.
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    @lotd Usually I use Cinnamons Vivaldi or Carta theme.
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    Ave gloriosa in nome no Satan.
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    That theme is well implemented. It's the best one I've seen so far! 😁
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    @olback Indeed. :) It's not my merit though. It's one of the available themes for Cinnamon.
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    *le gasp!*

    It's my malicious male-twin! D:
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    That looks amazing.
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