I don't mind Apple marketing themselves as these revolutionary thinkers and innovators, because I figured most people see behind the marketing but appreciate Apple for what it is. It's a big company that makes well built products, that are efficient and give good support to those products.

But I'm sick to death of tech journalists talking about how every new feature is the death of Android. They have to be kidding themselves if they think what Apple's doing is innovating. Samsung's been designing screens for the bezelless market for a LONG time, and their technology in that is incredibly advanced (it's why if you use their iPhone x you'll be looking at a screen from Samsung!)

They finally adopted wireless charging and pretended it was brand new, but I remember when they came out with the Apple watch, marketing it like they'd broken ground when Android Wear watches had been out for a year!

I don't want people to think I hate Apple, I own a few of their products. I think they're remarkably invested in user privacy; homekit imo is one of the most forward thinking implementations of smart home technology that I've seen, and the new processor in the iPhone x is a Mammoth powerhouse. So, I'm not necessarily saying anything about that, but what I am saying is that they're iñcredible at marketing, but fanboys but are not self-aware can enough to recognize when the Designed-by-Apple hype over shadows the actual objectivity or the situation. There are articles already talking about Apple's wireless charging.

TL;DR I swear to god if an apple fanboy comes at me saying the bezelless design was Apple's innovation, I'm going to snap. I appreciate what Apple does well, but unfortunately people can't appreciate a product without needing to identify with it.

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    SOOorry for the many typos in that second-to-last paragraph that made it almost unreadable. I'm a plebian and typed this on my Nexus 6 so naturally it didn't come out quite right.
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    Indeed. Apple isn't in a position where they will actually invent something themselves. They will usually (and have done so for many many years) take an existing concept, do their own thing and hand it over to their marketing guys. They usually do a good job in all those phases, especially the marketing.

    I can't quite remember, but I guess they did the same with the Apple Watch when you already had the Pebble on the market?

    Also, the tech journalists usually write whatever their userbase wants to read. So it all boils down to a subset of Apple's target audience, frequently called "iSheep".
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    @theuser iSheep is new, I hadn't heard that. It just frustrates me. I'm not their demographic, certainly, because it seems Apple fanatics don't give a shit about even slight customizability––so "iSheep" fits. Their UI is incredibly bolted down, and it's insane how they've managed to make their top-of-the-line stuff both proprietary and fragmented.

    i.e. USB C everything, except the i-devices? and now for the sake of marketing appeal, they've shrunken the laptops by breaking their keyboard design (twice) and soldering EVERYTHING to the motherboard. If you enjoy the new butterfly keys then you're in denial. And more importantly if your storage fails, instead of popping in a new ssd you're relegated to buying a WHOLE NEW MOTHERBOARD! How the fuck does that make sense??
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    Don't even get me started on their nightmare-induced "premium" space-grey iMac. That shit is a pressure-cooker, the amount of hardware they pack into such a tiny space with ONLY TWO MACBOOK-SIZED FANS, it's going to hit the same heating issues (likely worse) that ruined the bullet-shell Mac Pro re-design, despite their "innovative cooling design" that was supposed to send a column of air through the whole system but couldn't cool a GPU enough to render a webpage.

    It's absurd they keep trying to push the literal limits of physics, just to sell an appealing product.

    This has turned into me losing my mind, maybe I do hate Apple. The only real reason I still have a Mac is for Final Cut Pro. It's actually great! It's why a lot of creative-types use Macs. Even some Linux users who need more than KdenLive can offer get a Mac on the side for what they call "FinalCut OS."
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    You need to read other articles. Some are of course aimed at people who want to read that. It makes them feel good. It supports their decisions for apple products.

    Go find a source for news you enjoy more.
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    Don't start my deep angry for Apple, because I will go Kong Banga on it 😤
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