It is quite disappointing when some developers only rely on using libraries / dependencies(or whatever you call it) rather than do it manually. I know it can make the work faster but still using too much libraries will make it worst. It’s not bad using libraries, but if you use too much libraries it doesn’t degrade the performance of the app ( too much memory space when you only need that certain action and you include the whole library) but when the library becomes deprecated and no updates that might cause a problem.

It’s not bad using libraries, but not too much.

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    Depends. I value company time and like reaching deadlines. So dependencies it is. Later on I can experiment and build my own stuff. For everything else...there is pip, npm, maven, gradle, gem, cpan, composer
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    In my experience, I am an IOS developer,
    I have handle lots of ios apps and one thing that fustrates me is when the previous developer uses too much libraries and the app only do is to show a newsfeed (similar to devRant ) and if I will be developing that it will only cost 50-75 mb app size but not 150mb+
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