So I'm sitting on the toilet in my work, wondering how much time is left till I beat the specific impulse of a Raptor engine, and all of sudden the emergency allarms go off.

Weighting my options now: die in a fire or some kind of explosion, or go downstairs without ending *the thing*.

Dying Lannister-way or going out of the building and meeting my colleagues, with a very weird smile on my face.


I think I just discovered new levels of fast when it comes to using toilet paper.

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    Welcome to devRant, awesome first rant
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    Hi all!
    From what I've heard an hour ago - not at all. Some dude triggered it for some weird testing purpose, and thought that resetting the system afterwards will turn it off. Wish he announced it beforehand, so I could do whatever is the equivalent of not giving a shit in such situation.
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    @GittinGudder Pretty sure if you had known beforehand you would have *calmly* given a shit. If you know what i mean.
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