i ll quit smoking soon... brace yourself, the rants are comming

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    Inform us when you begin, then I'll feel with you when I smoke a cig ;)
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    I quit a few times every year.
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    I'm in a perpetual state of almost quitting, but I don't like giving up :p.
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    The sooner the better 😀
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    The pain bro my last attempt didn't go well I ended up on second line support for the busiest support week of the year, I made it until Wednesday until I was told to go and have a cigarette by my boss :(
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    @daarkfall For you, it was your boss. For me, it was my wife. While she was pregnant... ;)
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    It's been 7 years since I quit and it's the best thing to do. I honestly do not miss it.

    You *can* give it up. Sending you positive devRant vibes!
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