You put that little horizontal scroll bar or you seriously wanted to troll us?

Thinking it's a side bar, I tried literally 5-6 times and then I gave up.

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    Haha! I believe @trogus is the designer. In web design, that is an hr (horizontal rule), used to septate stuff on the page..
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    how is adding a scroll bar trolling us anyway?
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    I think you're tired, man..
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    That DDoS joke though 😂
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    Sorry mate no sich thing as a horizontal scrollbar. At least I haven't seen one so far 😁
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    Are you drunk or something m8?
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    No, I mean. Damn. I'm not a frontend guy.

    Okay, what do you guys call this?
    Slider ?
    Horizontal slider ?

    For me, it is looking like a slider where you can slide it left and right to get more rants.

    That make sense to. Atleast I'm not drunk today guys. omg. Why me?
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