God bless Postman.

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    Loving postman desktop app, great for instant API test
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    Yeah I love it too!
    I deeply hate making an API usong Laravel, thogh.
    Someone kill me please
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    Postman collections are the best to share already tested endpoints. You can document the workings of all your endpoints easily.
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    I'm a big fan of Paw if your on a mac
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    If you use an editor from JetBrains, it has something already built-in. The nice part is that you can share the configs via git with the other colleagues.
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    @jstaiyou could you share why you hate it?
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    Yes! I LOVE Postman. First sticker I put on my new laptop recently was a Postman sticker. 😁 I just love playing with APIs. I get true joy from it.
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    it is nice on Windows, and Linux, but fucking hate on macOS it is slow, RAM eater :S
    Though I wish Paw was a cross platform one (https://paw.cloud/)
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    @JoshBent maybe because I'm an imbecile who hasn't spent enough time learning how to use it.
    What I'm doing is:
    - Migration file creation (db model detailed here)
    - Model file creation (it feels pretty redundant in relation with the above step)
    - Controller creation
    - Route declaration.
    It fucking feels like I have to do a lot of shit to get the same result I would while using Django, but Django automatically creates the db structure out of the model class
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