Computer: Please check your authenticator app to login

Phone: Please fill in the code you see on the screen

Computer: * No code *

Me: * presses the "I can't see the code" button *

Phone: Prompt goes away, 3 seconds later it asks for thr code again

Computer: No changes

I love Microsoft at my job

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    It's a feature not a bug. Microsoft is preventing all access, so it's secure.
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    The "notification goes away and appears in 3 seconds" part is useful when logging in via mobile. When the authenticator prompt shows up, it hides the entire screen (facepalm). So, "I can't see the code" is actually true and this let's you see the damn thing.
    As far as it not showing the code on a computer, welp :-\
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    I can't even create an Azure account, their dumb form keeps telling me I shouldn't add a country code to my phone number, but I'm not... Fuck 'em. I wanted to use it for experimenting. Guess I'll look elsewhere.
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    Fuck bill gates and his micro-soft cock. Fuck anything run by that absolute fucking shitware company. Like their entire company is like when you see a burger in an ad, but then when u go get that same burger at 2 am, the patty is like out of bun and in the bag with some nails and there is a dick-print on the bun. It’s just a fucking let down and all you can do is just accept that you wasted your time and money on it and always regret it…
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